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AUGUST 18 - 20, 2017

At its core, the process of making art is a life practice. It’s not about crafting the perfect sentence, attracting an audience, or even getting published. It’s about digging deeper, finding truer truths, and staying alive. Reimagining. Remaking. Reinventing.

Your body has a point of view, and when you tell stories from its perspective, they come out different. Urgent. Important. But how can you tap into these stories and incorporate them into your art in meaningful ways?

This weekend, writers Lidia Yuknavitch and Zinn Adeline guide you into unknown territory using body-centered prompts, memory play, and life cycles to spontaneously write and access your deeper truths. You will dig in, unearth, and excavate with generative writing from original prompts Lidia and Zinn have developed. Through discussion and sharing, you will work on your material and explore how you can craft your new discoveries into art.

Artists of all kinds and at all levels are welcome—there are no prerequisites, genre requirements, or boundaries. You’ll leave with new ideas and new material—and new tools for continuing to work with them.

Metamorphoses: New forms from the body & language

A Corporeal Writing  Online Workshop, in collaboration with Lidia Yuknavitch

Septemper 9/4/17

Metamorphoses is a six week online workshop unlike anything you've ever done before. As part 1 in a 3 part series, think of it as an introduction to Lidia Yuknavitch's Corporeal Writing. Dare to write differently. Open to new forms and meanings. Change your writing and the world.

Politics & resistance writing: a productive undoing

A Corporeal Writing Workshop in Seattle, in collaboration with Lidia Yuknavitch

9/23 - 25, 2017

Politics and policy now, and always, have failed us. Fascism is absolutely going to fail us. Politics, or principles relating to power, status and social hierarchies, have left a lot of voices and bodies out. We believe writing, infiltrated with drive, body, language, and new meanings, is a socially vital activity. Ideas, sharing knowledge, and art, are literally the ways to combat Fascism.

This workshop, a collaboration between writer-theory-nerds Zinn Adeline and Lidia Yuknavitch, is a combination of readings you are to complete ahead of time, group discussion geared towards the exemplary writing techniques, and writing prompts and exercises, will examine how the social hierarchies are formed and upheld, and analyze the ways in which writing can, like activism that is concrete and public, serve as political intervention, disruption and real social change. The Revolution Includes Literature. The Revolution Includes You. (The only pre-requisite is an open mind and a willingness to listen, learn, and write.)


An Corporeal Writing Online Workshop, In Collaboration With Lidia Yuknavitch


Epistemology is simply The Study of Knowledge, but that study has historically left bodies out. We think writing and literature is a place where we can insist our bodies have a POV, just as writers such asLeslie Marmon Silko, Duras, Acker, Whitman, Colette, Lispector & Irigaray have done.  In this workshop, we will contemplate creative writing techniques and structures that innovates, invents and performs the ways in which the body is an epistemological site—a site where all human meaning is made and unmade. A made again. Anew. 

Each week will have a video discussion between Lidia & Zinn about using writing as an epistemological act, complete with prompts and writing assignments so that you too can write the body as an epistemological site—a site where human meaning is made anew, by you.